Thomas de Bruin

I embarked on my life’s journey as I grew up with music. I graduated with a degree in the performing arts with flute as my main instrument at the University of Pretoria and also studied in France. I gained experiences as a performing artist over many years (in Pretoria, Johannesburg as well as in Cape Town) from performing with orchestras (in symphony concerts and accompanying ballets and operas) to small intimate chamber concerts and solo recitals.

Besides being a performing artist, I experienced the world of education as my experience in education spans over 20 years, teaching in high as well as primary schools as a music teacher. My teaching experiences include teaching individual instrumental tuition to children (piano, flute, and recorder) and also bigger classes where I taught general class music and arts and culture.

Only later in life did I start to consciously experience the profound impact of music and sound, not just on myself but also on others. This revelation has directed me toward a path of seeking to understand the power of sound and how to utilize it as a therapeutic tool, primarily through sound therapy. At that time there were no formal qualifications or courses available in “sound therapy” (except if you would travel abroad or delving into the world of music therapy). Instead, I delved into diverse online “sound healing” courses, with a specific focus on Tibetan singing bowls, as well as engaged in various hands-on healing courses akin to Reiki as well as mindful and mental health courses. Despite not knowing where this journey would lead me, I continued to explore it. The intensity of this experience was amplified when I pursued my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance accredited) in 2022. This transformative journey not only equipped me with the skills to be a yoga teacher but also provided profound self-discovery, bringing me closer to the very essence of my soul’s purpose. Drawing upon my knowledge and experience in sound, music, energy, science and the spiritual, I have crafted a method for facilitating and directing a sound therapy process for adults.

Upon witnessing the therapeutic impact of this approach, I began contemplating how I could introduce could introduce self-regulating techniques to children and, in my own way, attempt to instill in them a practice of mental health. Having been involved in Yoga for kids (with a Yoga for children specialist training certification), it became clear to me how to introduce self-regulation skills, empowerment tools, and the ability to discover their own truth and joy to them in a holistic way. This inner calling was further affirmed when I completed my certification in “Yoga therapy for special needs children” and becoming a member of The Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa in 2023. By utilizing yoga as a means of support, children facing challenges are equipped with the tools necessary to find their own happiness, regulate themselves, and thrive in all aspects of life.

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